And as I am typing this, I wonder: what on earth will I say? Because the first post will have to be profoundly wise or witty, insightful or news-worthy. It has to be so good that people talk about it, like it, share it, tweet it. This post should be so good that people come visit my website again and again, hoping to read something new or even to re-read an old post. Is my word good enough, my thoughts deep enough, or my jokes funny enough to ensure that this will be a success? Probably not.

But this blog has been something I’ve wanted to do for so long. The seed was planted a long time ago, but I guess that the soil just wasn’t ready at the time. And now it is. And I am ready to let this bloom and grow into whatever it needs to be. Whether this is a huge success or if this is just a website my parents look at. Either way I will commit to it all the way.

I know success doesn’t happen overnight. I reckon the most important thing to do is to set a goal. This goal should be clear, realistic and measurable. And this might still be the easy part … The difficult thing to do is working towards that goal, to keep yourself motivated and inspired. And this is where I usually struggle: implementing “rules” and having enough self-discipline to stick to them, to work hard constantly, to keep my goal in mind, to not let myself down. This, dear friends, is true with everything in life. We all want to be “successful”: have a big house, get that job promotion, have at least 5000 likes on Instagram. But we are not necessarily ready to work for it. We want it on a silver platter with a side dish of you-deserve-this. However, it is the hard work, sweat and tears that make the success so much sweeter! Working hard for something builds character and allows you to be proud of your achievements, to look at yourself and liking what you see.

Hard work is made easy with perspective, because “success” means something different to everyone. I believe success and achievements come in so many forms: having a roof over your head, being healthy, having a wonderful husband/wife/partner, having both your parents still with you, having supportive friends, or a stable job. You see, it is all about perspective: always try and see the positive side of things, that famous silver lining, the glass half full. And that way the hard work will seem easier, because you know you are already successful and you are already blessed.

I’ve set my goals and now I have to invest my time, love and passion in this blog and in myself. But, even if this is not a textbook-success, even if no-one reads it, it is still a success in my eyes. Because it is all about perspective. I am finally doing this, finally writing and posting. And that in itself is a success.

With a warm heart,