I live in the most beautiful city in the world! I look at Table Mountain where she quietly and gracefully watches over Cape Town, and I know that my hometown has something special. It is not something you can put into words easily, it something you feel in your heart and soul. It moves through your body like the infamous Cape Town southeastern wind, and warms you up with excitement and pride for this nestled town at the foot of Africa.

The people here are different: colourful and vibrant, very relaxed and easy going – our work-week starts on a Tuesday and ends on a Thursday (just kidding). Good food and drink form the cornerstones of our lifestyle. And what better way to end a day than to enjoy a glass of cold Chenin Blanc? To justify all the good wine and food, you will always find Capetonians jogging, cycling, surfing or doing yoga. This too is part of our wonderfully relaxed lifestyle. Who can blame us, with all this scenic beauty surrounding us?

When I am not travelling, I love spending time in the Mother City, the way a tourist would. Cilliers and I would head for the ‘belly of the beast’, park our car and walk the streets of the inner city, from coffee shop to coffee shop. This is the best, and only, way to discover all the gems the city has to offer. You meet interesting people, find quaint coffee shops you haven’t seen before or walk into small boutiques selling anything from clothes to candles, from books to handmade furniture.

Today’s post will be the first in a series that I will share with you as I continue to discover the many treasures Cape Town has to offer. This post has two of my forever favourite things: a bookstore and a coffee shop. Give me a book and good coffee and I am happy to live in my own little bubble for hours.

Truth Coffee as seen from outside.

The first stop: Truth Coffee Roasting. This is at 36 Buitenkant Street, an electric street always alive with people and stories. Even from the outside you just know this coffee shop is different: it looks like a warehouse, but the first hint that something extraordinary awaits you, is the doorman in his impressive straight-from-a-movie-set-costume, and with people hustling and bustling about inside. Then the delicious smell drifting through the big open doors onto the street lures you in. Inside it is alive with people – overwhelmed tourists taking photographs, nonchalant coffee snobs to regular locals on their second lunch break. And the waiters moving about also dressed in interesting costumes and big, friendly smiles. What I love most about Truth is the interesting interior. The marvellous monster of a coffee machine is the centre of attention and is the heart of the grunge industrial look. Truth is steampunk cool, and looks like a Tim Burton movie set.

The Espresso Bar at Truth Coffee.

The steampunk interior.

Truth Coffee is a total onslaught on the senses: from tasting world-class coffee, to eating mouth-watering food in an exciting setting. The coffee beans are all hand-roasted in a vintage cast-iron drum, which makes every cuppa (with interesting names like Battle Brew, Potion Brew and Resurrection) that more delicious.Truth dares to be different and it comes as no surprise that this gem was voted as the best coffee shop in the world (2016). Go and “taste the joy of the extraordinary Truth”.

Taking pics at the bar.

Our next stop is just up the road. On the corner of Buitenkant and Roeland Street you will find The Book Lounge. Hello, heaven! I love, love, love this bookstore! The building is a lovely Victorian two-story. It is breathtaking, with the most beautiful big wooden doors and classic wooden floors. Here I can get lost between stories and tales, fiction and facts, dreams and secrets, all locked up between those pages. The Book Lounge offers a huge variety of books – something for everyone. They also have a big selection of discounted books, even books that have suffered “wine damage”. Another cool thing you can do at The Book Lounge, is attend one of the many book launches they host. And on Saturday mornings they have public readings for little bookworms.

Books for days!

Those wooden floors make me so happy.

Dear friends, put your tourist hat on and make time to explore your city (wherever that may be). It is refreshing and lots of fun. I know, because I always fall in love with Cape Town all over again! And to my fellow Captonians: go have a coffee at Truth and go sniff Capetonians books at The Book Lounge. I guarantee you, you will feel inspired, because remember: we live in the most beautiful city in the world!

The Book Lounge is a must visit!

Have a wonderful weekend!