My seven-week stay in New York ended with a bang: I booked one last big job before hopping on the plane back home. And it was only when I arrived here in the Mother City, and jumped into Cilliers’s arms at the airport, that I realised how much I missed my life and routine here in my home town.

But before I start writing about being home (keep a look out for the next post), I wanted to share with you some of the photos I took of New York in my last couple of days there. I had a great time in this vibrant and energetic city, and work-wise my stay was very successful. Between working, sight-seeing, and pretending to be a local, the days flew by.

Enjoy the photos! Bear in my mind: I am admittedly more at ease in front of the camera, than behind it, but I enjoyed taking these with my new camera I bought in NYC. I’ve been practicing and playing around with it ever since.

The busy streets of Soho is where you can do some great shopping!

I am totally in love with all the pretty fire escapes one can find DownTown. And how beautiful is this building?!

Skyscrapers framing Broadway street in Soho.

The famous yellow cabs!

Grand Central Station.

Inside Grand Central Station. It is a maze of tunnels going in every direction and a sea of people walking wih purpose.

The beautiful New York Public Library.

The Manhattan skyline, as seen from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Just a little side note/story: I was lucky enough to have one of my dear friends with me in New York during my last week in the Big Apple. Natali is also from Cape Town, but she and her husband moved to America about two years ago. This means we don’t get to see each other often (or at all, actually). But by total coincidence Natali and Johann moved to New York during the same time I was there. It was wonderful having Natali with me! I got to show her my favourite city (she’s never been there before) and we shared some fun experiences, form shopping in Soho to going for brunch at the famous Bluestone Lane Eatery in Greenwich Village. Here are a few pictures of our fun time together.

Natali and I having brunch at Bluestone Lane Eatery.

Strolling and shopping in Soho.

With warm greetings from a cold Cape Town,