I’ve been home for a month now, and honestly, time is just flying by! How are we already past the halfway point of 2017?! The year has gone by so fast (the mantra of any grownup), and it feels like my New York trip was a lifetime ago.

Being home is just wonderful! I love our apartment, having my own kitchen, and sleeping in my own bed (with a decent mattress that we spent a small fortune on). The first three weeks here at home I spent most of my time supporting Cilliers, who had a big exam coming up. This exam, called the Primaries, is one of three exams he will need to become a surgeon. Having the first one under the belt will help when he applies to specialise (in surgery).

For him, that meant studying every minute that he wasn’t at work (he even studied after doing 30-hour shifts). And for me, that meant taking him endless amounts of coffee, making all his favourite food for dinner, and curling up with a good book in the study so he won’t be alone. At times the going got a bit tough, but we all know that in order to succeed one has to work for it. And isn’t marriage all about sharing in each other’s success? We believe so!

Cilliers wrote the exam last week, and to celebrate that the Primaries are over and done with, I organised a romantic getaway for the weekend. We decided to stay at this cute little cottage on a wine farm in Stellenbosch (the biggest selling point being that it had a large fireplace). We love the Cape Winelands because it offers you so many fun activities, and we were close enough to Cape Town to still spend some time with friends.

Hello, Stellenbosch!

We spent the whole Friday in front of the fireplace, drinking red wine, cuddling, and binge watching Suits. Saturday morning Cilliers made us flapjacks and we had breakfast in bed, listening to the gaggle of geese outside (which was only cute for about 15 minutes, then it got a bit annoying).

Saturday’s breathtaking sunrise from our cottage.

A crackling fire – the perfect soundtrack for winter.

Some serious levels of laziness!

The rest of our Saturday was spent at Spier, where we met up with friends and had a lovely lunch (and more red wine) in the lazy winter sun. We also went for a couple’s massage where Cilliers fell asleep and snored the hour away.

One of Spier’s many buildings, this one belonging to the famous Hoghouse BBQ & Bakery.

On Sunday we topped it all off by visiting one of our favourite wine farms: the beautiful Boschendal. This farm, situated between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, is actually one of the oldest farms in South Africa (founded in 1685). Here you can do anything from mountain biking to horseback riding, visiting the spa and the gardens, or enjoy their famous picnics. They also have a quaint deli and farm shop where you can have lunch, coffee and delicious cake, or just sip on some local wine.

Beautiful Boschendal.

The manor house at Boschendal. Look at those trees!

The farm shop and deli at Boschendal. They have heaters outside, so it is perfect for winter as well as summer visits.

We had lunch at Boschendal’s The Werf Restaurant, which is a bit more formal and it is best to make a booking a few days in advance. We both had the lamb shoulder with broccoli risotto and goat’s cheese – very rich, but oh-so-delicious (and Cilliers was more than happy to finish my plate, of course)! After lunch we strolled through the garden and took lots of photos (keep reading, more pictures are just a little scroll away). We then drove home listing to one of my new favourite bands: Bear’s Den. Their folksy-rock music is perfect for any occasion, especially the open road.

The Werf Restaurant at Boschendal.

The Werf Restaurant from outside. This building used to be the wine cellar.

Inside The Werf Restaurant.

The gardens.

The husband looking dashing in his Old Khaki jacket.

Pretty decor around Boschendal.

Happy as a baby!

All these autumn leaves and winter colours make my heart so happy! My ankle boots are from Woolworths (in store now), my bag is Celine, and my scarf Burberry.

So. Much. Love.

It was a wonderful, unforgettable weekend! We came home with happy hearts and our love tanks overflowing. It is so important to take some time to just reconnect, relax, and recharge. And what better way to that than by spending time in beautiful Stellenbosch?

Love and light,