I’ve recently been lucky enough to visit Paros for a job. We were shooting on this beautiful Greek island while staying in villas overlooking the ocean. With a view like that and a great team to shoot with, it hardly felt like work. In the mornings we started quite early, but that meant we wrapped around lunchtime every day. This allowed us to take long siestas in the afternoon sun, maybe swim in the pool, or lazily read the hours away.

I took quite a lot of photos and wanted to share them with you. Unfortunately, I did not get time to do sightseeing or exploring. But every evening we had dinner at a different restaurant and I was surprised by the amazing quality of the food. It was all so fresh and delicious! There were bowls and bowls of Greek salads, feta cheese served in many different ways (dreams do come true!), the freshest of seafood, and of course olives by the dozens. Pair that with a glass of white wine (Greek wine, obviously) and it feels like you are on vacation.

The first villa we stayed in. This house overlooked the ocean.

The view from my bedroom.

This island is known as one of the “dry” islands (it’s not as lush and green as some of the other islands).

The second villa we stayed in.

How beautiful?!

This villa was on a hillside, which meant breathtaking views of the island and ocean.

Perhaps not all roads lead to Rome, but some to Greece.

Behind the scenes.

“Working” hard …

The little time I spent in Paros made a big impression on me. I’ve already convinced Cilliers that our next holiday destination should be Greece. Not that it took much convincing, as a visit to Greece has always been on his bucket list. I cannot wait to go back and make beautiful, tasty, sunny memories with my hubby. Greece, you have stolen my heart!

Love and light,