With my third (maxi-sized) passport slowly but surely gathering more and more stamps and visas, it is safe to say that I am a seasoned traveller. With all those miles behind my name travelling has become a bit mundane, especially since it is all done for work. But, at least my packing skills have become a sort of superpower and I would love to share with you my travel essentials and must-haves.

Staying hydrated and moisturised:

I always make sure that I drink enough water during a flight (and I always buy my own bottle after passing security). In a plane you spend a long period of time in a reduced oxygen environment with low humidity, which is seriously dehydrating. For example: On a 10-hour flight, men can lose around two litres of water and women around 1.6 litres. So, drink as much water as possible! This will help to keep your skin hydrated too.

Speaking of skincare … I always travel with my moisturiser and a good lip balm (I love Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream) in my handbag. I reapply both every two to three hours to make sure my skin stays happy and fed.

Passing the time:

I always travel with my Kindle and I make sure I have a sizeable library of good books to keep me company. The Kindle fits perfectly in my handbag, so it works for the plane, train and when waiting for castings. Even when I am in Cape Town, I often move through my day with my book or Kindle within reach.

Another trusty trick is ensuring I always have my earphones with me. In our home Cilliers and I always have music playing, so even just listening to music when I travel makes me feel less alone. And of course music feeds the soul!

Staying fresh:

I always have waterless hand santiser in my handbag. This is a lifesaver! And in my hand luggage I keep a whole pack of wet wipes. This comes in handy to just wipe my face, neck and arms in between all those long flights. I also keep my own toothbrush, a small bottle of perfume (obviously less than 100ml) and even baby powder with me to properly freshen up at the airport.

(For my face I use Cetaphil wet wipes and just plain baby wipes for any other use.)


I almost always have my MacBook Air with me – it’s so light and easy to run through the airport with. When I stay in a city for a few weeks with the goal of doing castings, I take my iPad with me too. This I use as my “Book” at castings to show clients my portfolio.

And obviously my iPhone is glued to my hand.

For shorter trips (around two/three days), I only travel with my Kindle and iPhone. I don’t do casting then, as I am only on location for that specific job. And I can do all my admin (and watch series) on my phone. With these kinds of trips the idea is to travel as light as possible.

Other essentials are:

  • Sunscreen. This is part of my daily skincare routine, even when it isn’t summer.
  • One of Cilliers’ t-shirts. I sleep in them whenever I am away from him.
  • Rooibos tea. Because it tastes like home and it has great health benefits.
  • Washing powder. To wash out the odd piece of clothing or underwear in the shower.
  • My yoga mat.
  • My camera. Even if I don’t use it, I like to have the option of taking a picture with it.
  • An umbrella. Just in case.

There you go, friends! Obviously, my what-to-pack lists vary, depending on where I am going and for how long. But these are my most basic essentials that I almost always travel with.

I hope that by sharing this, you all learn some useful tips or tricks. But most important of all, remember this golden rule: chances are big that wherever you are going, there will be someone who can help or a shop you can buy something from. So when you are stressed or forgot to pack something, do not panic. Usually everything works out just fine!

Bye for now!


P.S. Next week Tuesday, Cilliers and I’s second wedding anniversary. And to celebrate we are going on holiday! We will be driving from Cape Town all the way to the Kruger National Park, where we will stay for over a week. Keep a lookout on my social media (Instagram and Facebook Page) for pictures of our adventure.