I first came across The Cotton Company on Instagram where they have the most beautiful account. Each picture is a little square of inspiration and invites you into a world of minimalistic elegance and modern cosiness! Naturally, I immediately started following them and soon the owner, Madeleine, and I were chatting through the social media app. She was kind enough to send me two of her famous towels and I am excited to share my review with you.

The Cotton Company uses 100% pure Turkish cotton and traditional Turkish techniques to weave towels that are of amazing quality. These towels can be used in many different ways: as a towel (swim or bath), a throw, or even as a tablecloth. And this is what I love most about them – not only are they so beautiful and stylish, but they are also practical. An added bonus is that they are easy to clean! Wash them on a lower temperature but do not use fabric softener as this reduces its absorbency. It is safe to put them in the tumble dryer, but I prefer not to (they dry very quickly anyway).

The Herringbone and Elim towels.

The two towels I received are the Herringbone (in white with dark grey stripes) and the Elim (in dark grey). I was really blown away by the quality of the towels. They are so soft and they feel so luxurious! At the moment I am using both my towels as throws, adding some pretty detail to our living room.  And I can’t wait to take them to the beach (although I feel they are almost too pretty to get dirty, but also too pretty not to show off). My favourite of the two is the Herringbone, just because it is a bit softer than the Elim and because I love the crisp look of the white.

I really fell in love with these towels! Their Instagram account is a true reflection of what The Cotton Company’s towels offer you: a product that is modern and stylish; the perfect finishing touch to your home. These towels are the ideal gift, so treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas (you can buy them straight from their website).


The Herringbone towel as a throw.



Two of my favourites: a Turkish towel and lemons!

The towels can even be used as a tablecloth.

Let me know what you guys think!