A little while ago I video called a dear friend of mine who is currently in China, where she and her husband are teaching English. She told me that they will be coming back home (to Cape Town) in February. Both of us were squealing with delight and excitement (there were some tears too, not gonna lie). Still high on excitement we talked about how fast the weeks will fly by, and that before we known it they will be here. And then she said something that got me thinking … She said they are so happy to be coming home, but she doesn’t want to wish the time to go by too quickly. “I want us to stay calm and enjoy the time we have left here [in Changsha],” she said.

Isn’t this one of the most human things to do? We wish for time to go by, so that we can tick another box as ‘been there, done that, moving on’. I know that it is something I do, especially the last couple of months as we started looking at houses. We’ve been living in our apartment for the past two and bit years and we’ve put a great amount of effort in to make it our home. But you see, it is in our five year plan to now start house hunting now. Then obviously once you start looking at houses, all these other “adult” stuff become this big snowball that is rolling through your mind and gaining speed the more you think about it … For example: should we get a dog? Yes, but when? Should the dog grow up with our kids (because that is always cute)? Speaking of kids: are we having any of those soon? No, we should wait a few more years. And we’ll need a house to raise the kids in, which means that snowball comes crashing back into the house topic.

But lately I’ve been thinking of my friend’s wise words … Stay calm. I am not gonna wish, or pray, to find our dream home immediately. But in stead I’ll enjoy the freedom and comfort that comes from living in our apartment (there is minimum upkeep and it is perfect for lockup and go). And instead of already dreaming of our future babies, I want to savour the special time Cilliers and I have as just the two of us. At the moment our main responsibilities are towards ourselves and each other. There is no leaking roof to fix, no dog to walk, no midnight feedings or diaper changes. It’s just us. And I love it! I’ve become so protective of our freedom, because I know we will never have this time again. I also know that everything will happen in its own time.

That is why my new mantra is “stay calm”. Stay calm and enjoy whatever phase you are at in your life. I know this is so difficult, because wishing for time to go by is something we do from a very young age. As young kids, adults always asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. Or in school you wished to already be in university. At university you wished to be done with studying and to start earning money. Newly weds wish for babies. New parents wish for sleep. Older adults wish for retirement. You get the idea …

But instead of wishing, hoping or dreaming of our next chapter/phase of our lives, we should stay calm and enjoy the one we are currently at. Because time goes by so quickly and before we know it, we chased after every chapter only to find ourselves at the end of our story. Maybe with some sadness for not doing certain things or achieving specific goals. Or regretting not taking time to slow down and enjoy life and all it has to offer: from the ups to the downs, from the uncertainty to the security. Because there’s beauty and growth in every aspect that is worth appreciating.

Therefor I am staying calm. I am enjoying our apartment and I know our future home will come to us when the time is right (we are already so blessed to have roof over our heads and a place we can call home). And instead of already wishing for our own children, I am fun Aunty Katryn who babysits as much as possible (and let’s be honest: there is no better form of birth control than looking after a two year old …)

Let us stay calm and enjoy this journey we call life. Don’t wish for time to go by quicker, or disregard the beauty of your current life chapter just because the next one is around the corner. Everything will happen in its own time. And when you do feel a bit unsettled or uncertain, take comfort in the fact that God’s already planned it all out for us, we just have to live it to the fullest. Friends, maybe this is just me rambling away about random stuff … Or maybe, hopefully, you came accross this post and found some truth or comfort in it. I know I did!

Love and light,