Dear readers. I’ve been too quiet on here and my only defence (or excuse, if I’m being honest) is that annoying overused saying: life happens. Let me get you up to speed with what’s been happening in our little household these past few months.

I last posted on here while I was in Sydney, which was in October last year. Since then we’ve hit some pretty big milestones in our lives: we bought a house and we got a dog! But more on those later (look out for some posts about our home, the decorating process and tons of pictures and updates on our sweet puppy). Yes, we’ve got the whole white picket fence thing going for us. Except, since this is South Africa, it’s an electrical fence (plus an alarm system, beams, security cameras and a two metre wall all around the house). In spite of the Alcatraz level of security, we are so happy and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Speaking of sharing … I think another reason for my lack of posting on here is that I’m rather active on social media (specifically Instagram) and therefor feel like I am keeping everyone up to date. But I know that many of you readers here might not have Instagram and therefor miss out on what I post there. So I promise to keep sharing on here, because I feel so lucky that all of you care about me and are interested in what I have to say. And as my husband sweetly reminded me last night: this blog was born out of my love for writing. Therefor I owe it to myself to keep it updated.


Writing more consistently is definitely one of my goals for the new year ahead. And as we stand on the threshold of 2019 I want to take a minute to look back at the past 12 months, specifically at the big life-changing moments. First of all, I lost my dear grandfather whom I loved more than words can express. Perfect sunny childhood memories on his farm replay like a movie in my mind over and over again. Scenes of him walking with his dog, laughing and telling stories at tea time (served at the dinner table), crafting beautiful furniture out of wood with those big protective hands of his, driving around the farm on his four-wheeler at the age of 90 … The memories are all soft with his undeniable goodness and his love for his family, but these memories are now all that I have left of my storybook-grandfather. Losing him is something I am still struggling to come to terms with.

Last year seemed to have been all about balance. Because opposite this dark period, was the moment Cilliers and I turned our dream into a reality: we bought our perfect home, the one we’ve been looking for for over a year. As a little girl I never dreamt of my wedding day, but rather of the house I will turn into a home, a place I will create beautiful memories. Finally this came true! And yes, a house is only a house – a materialistic thing. But this place represents my dream, my years of working hard as a full time model and all the sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears that came with it. This house is my home, my beautiful safe space where Cilliers and I will start a family and make tons of memories.

Another special moment of 2018 was when we got our puppy. Kenzie is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and she rules our hearts and home! I’ve always been a dog person but my love for this four-legged baby of ours is on another level. She is my little shadow – where I go, she goes. When I cook, she will lay down next to me in the kitchen. When I shower, she waits on the shower-mat right in front of the door (making it impossible to get out). When I sit on the floor in the living room (a favourite spot of mine), she’ll flop down on my lap and fall asleep straight away or lazily nibble at my finger. She’s only 17 weeks, but I can’t remember a time without her following me around or poking me with her little wet nose. I’ll post more about Kenzie and why we chose a Rhodesian Ridgeback soon. Also expect a ton of cute photos!

Life is a series of ups and downs, of good and bad times, of loss and gain. I reckon the sweet spot is somewhere in between – knowing you can’t have the one without the other. So perhaps that is what we need to focus on in 2019 … To be mindful and present, to take every moment as it comes and to always count our blessings, in the good and the bad times.

Love and light,