For years I’ve been told to do motivational speaking, but this just didn’t seem like me. However, for months I’ve had this idea … Instead of speaking to a big group of people, why not get a smaller group together and we talk with each other?

After sharing my idea on Instagram I received an overwhelming amount of support and interest. I realised that women sought a place and platform where they can talk about the things we all go through, such as anxiety, pressure, self-doubt, etc.; as well as support, inspire and motivate each other. This was how my new project Koffie Met Katryn (Coffee With Katryn) started. I wanted to offer that safe space for women of all ages, races and religion to come together and share our stories.

With great excitement (and a whole lot of nerves) I hosted my first Koffie Met Katryn this past Saturday (2 February). The guest list was small, consisting only of about 16 ladies who al responded to my invitation on Instagram. I also decided to host it at my home, hoping that this will create an intimate atmosphere where everyone felt at ease and open to share their thoughts.

Turns out I had no reason to be nervous! As everyone started arriving, the house was soon filled with chatter and laughter, and it seemed like all the women immediately clicked. Pots of tea and coffee were brewed and everyone settled around the table. I started by sharing my story – of how I accidentally got into the modelling, making the big decision to leave school to work full time, dealing with the crazy industry, the laughter and tears along the way, and the biggest life lesson I have learnt through it all. A few of the ladies then told their own stories and everyone shared advice, thoughts or their own similar experiences.

For me the most significant thing I’ve learnt Saturday was that we all go through similar experiences … It quickly became clear that self-doubt, anxiety, insecurity, pressure, and failure (whether it is “true” or not) are some of the things we all face on a daily basis. But by sharing these thoughts and feelings we learn that we are not alone! There is comfort in knowing that what you go through is totally normal, that your peers fight the same battle and in that camaraderie you will find peace. But we can only do that by talking about it, which is exactly what I want to offer with Koffie Met Katryn. After all these years I can finally share what I’ve learnt through my experience, and by doing so I wish to give hope to those who are going through some tough and uncertain times.

Saturday was truly special for me! These ladies came here as strangers, but they all left as someone I regard as a friend. Thank you to each and every one of you for joining my first Koffie Met Katryn! You have made it such a wonderful occasion which has given me the confidence to do it again and the hope that it can grow into something even better.

I also want to thank the following sponsors who made Saturday extra special:

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Love and light,