Our new house is a dream come true for me … Ever since I can remember I’ve planned my home, envisioned it, worked towards it and prayed for it. I could see a home filled with light, laughter and love. A place where I start a family and make precious memories.

We’ve been looking for a house for months and finally around August of last year we found the perfect place. It’s true what they say: as soon as you walk into the house that is meant for you, you just know it. The paperwork came through sometime in October, but I was still in Sydney and I told Cilliers not to move a single thing, not even a book, to the new house until I am back from my work trip.

After five weeks abroad I was happy to be home, but also slightly overwhelmed because within a week’s time we’d be moving. Hot and not-so-fresh off the plane I started packing up our apartment. Not gonna lie: it was emotional. Even though we were so happy and excited for our new house and the new phase in our lives, we were also closing a chapter … We were saying goodbye to our first home as a married couple, a small space that we loved. And suddenly we’ll be in a big house, with a garden and a pool and I wasn’t sure if we were ready to be proper adults.

We got the keys!

However, in that week before moving I spent a lot of time in the new home (we already had the keys) and whenever I walked up our cute walkway and through the big front door, I felt at home. I cleaned the house from corner to corner – I washed every cupboard and all the walls, bending down on all fours to scrub away any marks. The house wasn’t even dirty, just “lived in” … Little finger prints of the previous family’ children were evidence of a loving and happy family, and I got all emotional thinking of all the little finger prints our kiddies will make one day. Cleaning the house was an almost spiritual journey of cleansing and preparing the home for us – a blank canvas, a fresh start, ready for us to make it our own.

Soon enough it was moving day, which of course was not without it’s challenges. Everything was going smoothly until the movers realised the couch and table in our apartment will not fit through the door … Both were then taken down the balcony (we lived on the second floor) and it was at this point that I escaped to the organised mess of boxes at the new house and left Cilliers to deal with the drama. Eventually all worked out and soon everything was unloaded and the big unpacking started.

Boxes and bubblewrap … The packing was overwhelming!

In the mids of unpacking our families came over, everyone saying hi, bringing food and offering help. I look back on that weekend with great fondness, because it really set the tone for what our new chapter would be like: a house full of people with lots of coffee and laughter. That first night we celebrated with a family braai and a bottle of champagne, and Cilliers and I were smiling from ear to ear (despite the serious lack of sleep).

A bigger house meant more space, and Cilliers and I both had a few items we wanted to get for the new house. I wanted a dishwasher, because we didn’t have one in the apartment. And wow – what a game changer! I also wanted to get curtains as soon as possible, but that took about two weeks … So for two weeks we probably caused the neighbours serious emotional damage from walking around in our birthday suits.

Cilliers could finally get his dream coffee machine. He was like an excited child about this thing and did a lot of research, even measuring out where it was going to stand. This bean to cup machine is basically like having a live-in barista and it can make up to 16 different coffee drinks and who knows what else. This means I get a cappuccino in bed every morning. And then that cup goes into the dishwasher. Domestic bliss, my friends, domestic bliss.

Laughter and love fills our home!

A house is just a house, a materialistic thing that can be lost in the blink of an eye. But it represents so much … It’s a safe haven, an escape, a place where you can recharge. It’s also a place where you will make memories that will last a life time, where you will start a family (whether that’s with fur or human babies).

I know this home is a blessing! And therefor I do not take it for granted … Every morning as I walk through the house, opening curtains and windows with our little pup galloping along, I thank God for this incredible life. All the sacrifices and difficult choices I’ve had to make, all the tears I’ve shed because of homesickness, anxiety and self-doubt has all been part of God’s plan. He was preparing all of this for me: a loving marriage, a home, good health, a wonderful family and great friends, the list goes on. And when that puppy of ours pokes me with her wet little nose or runs towards me when I get home, I swear my heart wants to burst of happiness!



My little family

P.S. Our home photoshoot was done by the super talented and overall amazing human, Marli Koen.